More often than I’d like, I open the Instagram app on my phone for five minutes, and before I know it, it’s past midnight, and I’ve spent hours on… What is it exactly?

Instagram is like a never-ending flood of photographs, videos, and text. With algorithms governing everything instead of natural rules, it resembles a force of nature. Businesses and bloggers struggle to capture people’s attention on Instagram in an Everest-like manner. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that your efforts to qualify yourself from the rest of the pack will be retracted.

Your Instagram strategy can be developed for various reasons, including to increase website traffic, promote your brand, or gain fame and interaction on your page. Is there any other way to promote an Instagram page besides advertising?

Establish a consistent and unified image

Sometimes I see Instagram accounts that make me feel like I’m viewing an expensive, cutting-edge magazine rather than a social media account. For the page’s tone to be established, it should have a consistent and unique visual aesthetic, ideas, and values evident in every post, as well as a distinct voice and style.

A personal brand, or the picture you present on social media, may sell more than anything else now.

If you want to make your Instagram feed seem exclusive, think about how you want it to be perceived by your viewers. Perhaps your page will resemble Anna Wintour’s, exuding an air of exclusivity that makes following it a pleasure. You can think of it as your closest friend, who is always there to offer advice, share a selfie, or chat.

It’s up to you to decide what ‘personality’ you will adopt online. Maintain consistency and be distinctive in your way.

Enhance the aesthetics of your page

Like a website’s landing page, the aesthetic design of your page is often crucial for the consumers’ first impression of it. It can either help you create a positive impression or hinder it. The freedom to express oneself is vital, but there are ways to let it flow (and break them sometimes, too).

When you design your page and feed carefully, you may appear to post separate pieces of one whole. Your feed can be unified, distinct, and captivating at the same time.

You can make your Instagram profile seem more like an experience than just another social media account by thinking about the order you upload images, the colour palette, and the filters you use. Align aesthetics with ideals and objectives.

The header of your profile and the page’s navigation are the two elements that bind everything together.

Your profile’s headline should include some details about yourself. For example, who you are, what you do, links to your other social media profiles or website, etc. If it’s an Instagram account for a business, there should be a short explanation of the company’s USP (unique selling proposition), aims and purpose, etc.

In general, your website should be easy to navigate. Visitors should be able to find all relevant information (prices, services, FAQs, guidelines, etc.) without having to scroll through your content.

Maintain a schedule

There’s nothing like prime time on television: the shows that air during these “special” hours get all the attention, while the others fade into obscurity if you publish your content at the wrong time.

For Instagram, much more people will see content submitted during peak user activity than content submitted during “dead hours.” According to several sources, weekdays are better for posting on Instagram than weekends since midweek is when users are most active. The best posting times are as follows:

Mondays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (You often check Instagram at that time to cope with a typical Monday morning); Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. During the week, we can start posting later, beginning at 11 a.m. on Thursdays and later Fridays; Saturdays and Sundays show a significant decrease in user activity,

While it is more beneficial to publish during the weekdays, there are exceptions to the rules, and they are also designed to be broken.

Do not over-post on Instagram when trying to hook your IG followers UK on your content. Don’t tire your followers out with excessive posting frequency. You understand that regular Instagram posts are necessary to maintain relevance. It doesn’t mean, however, that you should flood your audience with endless tales and images: offering too much and too often might make people feel like they can’t keep up with you.

Provide your audience with content regularly, but also let them appreciate your (certainly high-quality) content before delivering anything new.

Get involved in the community

You can’t expect anyone to take notice of your Instagram page unless you’re already well-known. You’re not Beyonce (or whatever you believe to be an A-list celebrity), so you’ll need to work hard to attract attention.

To accomplish this, you can connect with communities built around businesses or online personalities you find interesting or relevant to what you do. You can join one of these communities by commenting on other members’ posts (whether they are celebrities, regular people, or brands).

Don’t engage in blatant self-promotion, and avoid being overly cheesy. Engage in sincere dialogue and share your honest views, but do so with respect and etiquette. However, it may be a fantastic opportunity to introduce yourself or your business and give people a reason to visit your profile.

Make yourself a part of a community.

You may also create your community (don’t turn it into a cult…).

A great way to do this seems to be to share user-generated content — content created by your followers or customers that promotes your brand or product. In addition to raising brand visibility and providing other business-related advantages, it’s a terrific way to show your UK Instagram followers that you’re truly interested in the information they provide.

A contest or challenge may also be a good way to build community. Gamification is all the rage these days, and you can increase your engagement rates by rewarding your audience for participating.

The community can also be fostered through collaboration. Consider forming partnerships with individuals whose material is relevant and entertaining to your audience and whose values align with yours.

Micro-celebrities with expertise on topics your fans are interested in may be a perfect match for you.

It’s not just about being popular or spurred by others who share your values. Social media is (or should be) all about communities; having an active community can benefit you or your business.

Entice with compelling content. Your Instagram postings should be interesting and humorous if you want to succeed. You’re publishing for your followers, not Instagram’s algorithms. To make your content unique and engaging, do preliminary research.

The ideal formula for creating content seems to be “knowledge plus aesthetic value plus entertainment value.” Nevertheless, no two postings are the same. Some will be more instructive than others, and so forth. The proportion will vary, but the quality should remain the same.

Share useful and accurate information with your active Instagram likes UK.

If it’s a gorgeous photograph, make it an organic part of your general posting. Creating an entertaining piece of material (such as a reel) should be done in a way that seems appropriate and true to your and your audience’s tastes.

It is a renowned writing rule: show, don’t tell, and vice versa. Take appropriate and captivating photos to complement your text postings without distracting them.

Add hashtags, descriptions, remarks, or questions to your visual posts. To make your images stand out, including the most significant or exciting lines at the beginning, so your followers will want to read more… If you want your pictures to stand out, make your descriptions brief and concise or use a hashtag. Several hashtags include brand, geographic, industry, community, and descriptive. Choose just the essentials, and don’t go overboard.

Take innovative, high-quality photographs to showcase yourself or your products: Being unique and setting the standard in terms of visual quality may set you apart from the competition; You or your business will seem more ‘real’ with real photos (this can be part of your image-building strategy).

Avoid becoming too commercial, especially when it includes anything that doesn’t align with your brand’s image, to avoid severely damaging your reputation. Select the appropriate time and post to promote something or someone, and keep 60–80 percent of your content ad-free and filled with value.

The takeaway

It may be a hit-or-miss game, and what worked for one blogger may not work for another. However, the point is to attempt and experiment, not worry too much about “popularity” measurements. Make Instagram posting a creative endeavour that brings you delight rather than a tedious chore by experimenting with various forms and connecting with your audience.