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So would you love to learn all in detail? If so, then stay tuned. You will get complete knowledge regarding likes and their usage on this platform.

Let me tell you an exciting thing about the LIKES. Instagram likes work as the currency you can buy engagement rate via this. Every fifty likes on Instagram from the organic people can purchase a notable amount of interaction ratio. So, now all set to learn the effect of likes on your brand and engagement rate.

Instagram has made two recent updates this year about the likes. Do you want to know what they are?

Instagram Updates about Likes

At the beginning of 2022, Instagram came up with the two updates:

  • like an option in stories
  • Instagram hides the likes count on the post

Instagram likes the feature that brings engagement to your content. It works as the currency for your digital handles. This heart shape option is so famous that Instagram introduced it in the stories. It is also helpful for the business and influencers, preventing the DM from flooding. As the viewers, if you see the stories, you can show your love by hitting the heart icon.

Do your followers and non-followers both like to view the stories? So you can say Instagram stories can bring notable engagement to your page. So, the like option on the satire makes it feasible for the viewers to shower their love.


On the contrary, the Instagram team has made the likes count private. If the Instagram-like element is so popular, why do they hide the likes? Here remember one thing they hide the like but do not remove the value of the heart on the post. The host profile can see the likes on its post but not the followers or other viewers. Why is it so?

As per the Instagram team, it affects the quality of the content and mental health. Instagrammers started paying more attention to the competitor post when focusing on creating quality content—hiding the like release the pressure from the content creator.

But the host profile can check how many likes their post earns. But remember, the IG LIKES hold the same value for the engagement rate as before.

Is Hiding Like affecting the business?

So, Instagram likes are directly linked to the engagement rates. More like on the post mean more interaction on the post. It is why many businesses buy Instagram, views UK to increase their engagement ratio.

So on the broad-scale hiding, the likes never affect the procedure of interaction with people and gaining more engagement. After detailed testing and research conducted in many states, the Instagram team has planned to make the like option the individual choice.

Why are they made this choice? It was planned because of the polarised position amongst the public; some Instagrammers felt relaxed after the release of pressure by several likes. But some people felt bad about this decision.

Nevertheless, such a choice lets labels remake their plan to make it more intimate and humane, depending on the authentic desire of their users to engage with the post. Here is the step to turn-off like visibility:

  • Tap 3 tiny dots at the corner of the post
  • Pick the choice “Hide Like Count.”

Hey! Relax; you will notice the number of like you have collected. The numbers will fade only for followers unless it’s not the collaboration content.

How to earn more likes on your Business Profile?

So, now you can say that Instagram likes to matter whether it is visible or not. It works as the indicator that shows how your business operates on the social handle. The thing is, how do you get more likes?

Use Suitable #tags:

So tags are your holiday grain when you like to boost the reach of your content. SO using the suitable #tags makes the reach of the people to your content accessible. When non-followers search the tag you have used, they can view your post. Chances are more, and they might hit the like option.

Location tag:

This element permits you to focus the content near residents interested in your post. This choice is accessible for stories and posts. Hence you can create the local community and promote your services.