Most of you get amused by the Instagram stories of your friend or the favorite business profile that you are following. You are using the same social media handle but cannot create that compelling and entertaining stories for your Buy real Instagram followers UK. You must be 100% sure that your friend earned several likes and views on these stories. Hence they got special engagement rates.

Instagram, keep itself upgraded from time to time. It studies the market trend and the need of the users that launch the perfect feature for their users. This photo-sharing app has around 2B, and chances are more tit the figures might have crossed. So, if one hand has this many people on it, then the Instagram team tends to strive to offer the best possible experience to their followers.

If you study the growth of this channel, it was started as the photo-Haring app. BUT, the business has taken over the entire social media and uses it to grow its brands. Keeping all this fame in mind, this digital stage came up with a story feature. The mother feature is Snapchat, but it gained popularity on Instagram.

IG Stories are Famous

So you can say these stories are way more famous than any homecoming queen and prom king. This handle recently this format has for around 5M or more active users daily. If you have any idea about Snapchat, it is 2fild to its active users.

So, the marketers get an idea of how famous this digital handle is and the best tool for promotions. Let me inform you an thrilling fact about his channels. In 2019, t made around 14 dollars B in only ad Revenues. So now you get an idea of how famous the Instagram stories are and how they can be best for your brands.

Instagram Stories and its exciting Features

So, now from the fame of Instagram, you get a clear concept about it. This photo-sharing app has offered many amusing features that make the stories look tremendous but engaging.

Your friend must be using all these features to add wow factor to the entire look. If you would like to boost the business with a touch of fun, then stories are the best pick! Following are some top-notch and famous features of stories:

  • Poll stickers
  • quiz sticker
  • question stickers
  • slider
  • hashtags
  • location tag
  • boomerang
  • more

Do you want to uplift your presence on this handle?

Would you like to get the likes and views on your stories? Or would you desire to increase your business via stories? Whatever is the cause, all you require the perfect story guidelines.

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In this portion, we will discuss the top and exciting features of stories. So let us start our journey. Get your favourite cup of coffee with some biscuits because you might not leave the couch while reading it.


Let u stat with the hashtag games. The tags are not new but very helpful for the users. Various platforms are using this feature to increase the approach of their content. If you desire many people to praise your work, then focus on the tags. The best part is that Instagram stories have the #tags options. You can now utilize #tags in the stories to boost her approach and visibility of the post.

Location Tag

When you discuss the #tags, how many do you ignore the location tag, man! The purpose of both the stickers is the same. It also helps in boosting your bands like anything. When you tag the location, the users in that area or searching that location will find your content. If you are offering engaging stories, then the chances are that they start following you and get more likes on the stories.

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Stories Stickers

Now you get an idea of how to boost the reach and earn significant interaction on the content. What if your main motto is interaction? Suppose you are running the business or the content maker you want to entertain your fab. But how. When they open the stories, they must get something that makes them engage with you. There is nothing better than cool stickers. It is the sticker that asks for the viewer’s point. For example, they will help choose the perfect logo for the new brand.

Besides the polls ticker, there are other stickers and quiz stickers, so please give them the daily dose of interaction by asking some questions and answers.


So, Instagram stories are the most enjoyable features. It not only makes the stories alluring but interactive.